Event Photographer Singapore


Event Photographer Singapore

Important company moments. The rarest opportunity to spend time with the biggest personalities in your industry. Moments that only occur once in a lifetime. We all want to freeze them, preserve a part of them that will allow us to look back in time. That’s why we’re here.

As your event photographer, what we offer is so much more than pointing and shooting with our cameras. We strive to make the whole picture as live as it possibly can.

Why must you hire a professional event photographer Singapore?

There’s only one simple answer to that: you deserve to be in the moment. We can’t allow you or anyone in your family, company, or organisation to sacrifice the opportunity to experience your event, so you’ll have pictures in the end. Both are important. That where we come in.

We provide everything you need in this aspect of your activity so that you will have the peace of mind to just enjoy or participate.

Experience, skills, and professionalism

These three things are needed to pull off the job you’ll be entrusting to us. With our experience and skills, you are rest assured that the results will be beyond what you expect. Our professionalism, on the other hand, makes sure that the process goes as smoothly possible. While you are busy making your event happen, we will remain in the background unseen, making sure we capture every beautiful moment.

High-quality equipment equates to superb photos

We admit that we can’t do it with skill and experience alone. We need equipment that will ensure only the best output. We promptly invest in the latest hardware and software to provide you with what you paid for. Our commitment to providing you with the best event photography services knows no bound.

Consider us in!

It doesn’t matter if the event houses hundreds of guests from all over the world or it’s just a small gala dinner you’re hosting for your company higher-ups. We are always game. We love working with all kinds of people and covering all types of events. This is our kind of adventure.

What events do we cover?

All kinds of events you can think of! We’ve had projects with government functions before, company dinner galas, conferences, parties, sports events, product launches, and so many others! We can do jobs that you might consider too small or too large. We can handle it. Allow us to be part of your journey. 



Gala Dinners





Product Launches






Do you provide videography services as well?

Yes we do ! Our videography team has experience in all sorts of productions, be it a small event or a full scale movie. Reach out to us and lets see how we can customise a solution for you !

Do you provide photo booth and instant print services as well?

Yes we do ! We are also able to customise the print border for you to include your branding and event name.

How early should we book a photographer and videographer?

As soon as your event and venue is confirmed, you should reach out to us to book a photographer and videographer. This is to ensure that we are able to assign the best team to handle the assignment.

Is there a minimum number of hours of engagement?

Yes, the minimum hours that you will need to hire our team for is 2 consecutive hours.

How many photographers and videographers will we need to hire for our event?

The number of photographers and videographers depends on the scale of your event. We have deployed up to 10 photographers for a single event, but we also have handled events needing just 1 photographer and 1 videographer. Write to us to let us know what the event is like and we will advise accordingly.

How many photos will we get for the shoot?

For events photography assignments, we are looking at a delivery of at least 30 photos per hour of service. There is no limitation on how many photos we will deliver. The more happening the event, the more we will be able to shoot and deliver ! We have delivered over 200 photos for just a two hour event so rest assured that we will not stop shooting!

How soon can we get the photos and videos?

For most events, we will be able to deliver the final edited photos in 3 working days and first draft of the video in 5 working days. We will also be able to download the photos to you immediately during or after the event, for your social media postings and media release use.

What is the resolution of the delivery of photos and videos?

We typically deliver 3000px x 2000px for photos and Full HD for videos.

What is the mode of delivery of photos and videos?

We typically use dropbox for delivery of the final outputs but we can cater to your requirements, such as physical DVDs or other online platforms if required.

Do you travel to events outside of Singapore?

Yes we do ! We have done events in many cities over the years, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tokyo, Malaysia and Phnom Penh. Drop us an email, let us know your requirements and we will customise a solution for your needs.

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