Family Photography Singapore

You will agree when we say that our family is the most important thing in the world. They are what make us who we are today. And more often than not, they’re the reasons we keep going.

That makes each moment with them worth keeping. But sadly enough, we can’t always be bringing cameras to record every milestone or remarkable event. If we’re lucky enough, we’d be able to capture our baby’s first walk. Or chance upon a moment you’d later on learn to be the last

Our main mission at Bespoke Foundry is to put the loving affection you have with all of your family members into frames. Through our lens, your eternised moments will be at the end of your fingertips, to be reminisced and cherished forever.

The thing is, nothing can stop us to produce the best stills for family photography in Singapore. We aim to evoke genuineness with every shot.
Whether you want it outdoor or in our studio, there’s no need to worry because we got everything covered. If you can’t choose the place, allow us to make a few suggestions.

Among the favourites are Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Promenade, and the East Coast Park. As we’ve done countless of family photo shoot projects in the past, we can show you several other locations. This can spark more ideas and set your expectations about the place.

Types of Family Portrait

There are different types of family portraits you can choose from. You’re familiar with the classic portraiture, for example. It is usually done inside a studio. If this isn’t what you’re going for, perhaps the right style for you is the candid shot where you’re seen to be casually spending time with your family.

Or, if you’re thinking of a hybrid between the two—giving you the artistic freedom in the classic portraiture but at the same time, allowing you to appear just like how you interact with one another in a normal day—then you’re definitely aiming for the creative family photo. Let’s delve into each a little bit deeper.

Family Photo Studio Singapore: Classic Portraiture

What we love about this is how it captures the best in our subjects. Although it’s the most common practice, we don’t limit taking this type of family portrait in the studio. There are outdoor locations where we can conduct the photo shoot. But if you prefer the traditional approach, we don’t run out of creative backdrops and props. 

This type of family photo focuses much on some sort of formal presentation. Showing your family as your pride, it accentuates the bond between each member. What we’re trying to evoke here is oneness, legacy, and love. 

You may be worried that in such a setting, the photos will come out awkward, seemingly scripted, ungenuine. Let us be the one to tell you there’s nothing to worry about. With the guidance of our professional photographer, you will sure to end up with photos where you can hang proudly on your wall. 

Candid Family Portrait Singapore

As opposed to classic portraiture, candid family portrait displays interaction between members as seen in their day to day lives. The skill of the photographer is shown in how they observe and capture spontaneous moments that are not staged or directed.

Although we’re aiming to be as natural as possible, there are still things to direct such as the light, which is very important in producing amazing photos, and of course the setting. We might want it to look like it does every day but with a little tweaking here and there, we’re sure to achieve perfection.

After everything is set, all we have to do is create a chance for you to do your thing. We promise that the results will be natural and seamless.

Creative Family Photo Shoot

It’s not uncommon for little ones to be obsessed about certain interests. There are those who are quite fond of dinosaurs. The fantasy of living as a princess or prince is also quite shared among many little girls and boys. Of course, there’s the sci-fi genre that opens the door towards your child’s imagination.

Such ideas are among the few often incorporated into family portraits. Yes, if you’ve been hesitating to pursue this one, know that you’re not alone. At Bespoke Foundry, we allow as many choices as we can. Everyone is unique; we all have different tastes and preferences. We also cater to different occasions and purposes such as maternity photography, newborn photography, pet photography, and so many others.

The most important aspect of conducting this kind of photo shoot is how the professionals you hire create the world you imagine to be in. Family photography is so much more than just clicking buttons of a camera. It’s also about setting the right space for our subjects, something they can be themselves in.

What we find really cool about creative family shots is how it evokes so much fun between the parents and the children. That means you don’t have to drag your young ones just to do the shoot; they’ll go freely.

Let Us Tell You More About Our Family Photography Services

At Bespoke Foundry, we value three things in a family photoshoot Singapore

First, we make sure that you are in a comfortable space. The best way to elicit genuineness from you and your loved ones is to have an environment where you can be yourselves. Our skills in creating the best photographs can only do so much. At the end of the day, you’re the one making them perfect.

Second, we value the right props, equipment, and facilities. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a shoot. And we say this not to scare you away. We do so because we want to assure you that despite it, we’re confident we will have a successful session no matter what.

Apart from our photography skills, we also take pride in how meticulous we are in appraising circumstances, determining where they can go wrong, and preparing solutions before they even happen. We are partners and we have nothing but your best interests at heart.