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Pre-wedding Photoshoot

In all of our 15-year journey, nothing trumps working with a couple about to get married. That is not an exaggeration. What we love most about this job is seeing people making each other happy. This is why we give it our all when we do pre-wedding photoshoots.

Love in a photo

If you are going to look at our previous work, you will feel not only the fervent love that the couple has for each, but also our undying commitment to producing high-quality pre-wedding pictures. It is so important to us that we go beyond what is expected of us at all times.

Now you might be curious.

What are the most important things in a pre-wedding photoshoot?

You and your partner

Let’s start with this very obvious one. We don’t mean just physical presence; we emphasize the importance of being in the moment mentally. Going to this important photoshoot is not enough. You have to precondition yourself on what you are about to do if you want to get nice photos. Because the best ones are those that don’t look heavy on photoshoot directions.


You must have thought of a location already, may it something from a memory you shared with one another or someplace you’d like to visit someday. You can always choose wherever you want. However, you need to consider a few factors. Are you going after a particular time of the day? Sunset and sunrise are really good times to take photos. How about people? Will there be a considerable number of them passing by, possibly interrupting the shoot once or twice?

And of course, the weather. Not one of us can guess what’s going to happen tomorrow. Even forecasts can be wrong sometimes. But it won’t hurt if you try to be as prepared as possible. This is not something we can control but with ample preparation and research, we believe work it out.

What story are you trying to tell?

Most of the photoshoots today have themes. Some of them even follow a story and plot. It’s absolutely fun to witness. However, a poorly planned story won’t look great on camera. So discuss it with your partner: what story are you trying to tell the world? What story are you going to tell your future selves who will be flipping through the photo album 30, 40 years from now? It doesn’t have to follow a formal sequence. Don’t sweat it out. The best ones will still be those where you are being natural.

Allow us to put show your love in a photo. Give us a chance to do what we’re good at.


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