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We let the pictures do the talking


Producing captivating images for the last 15 years!

No matter how much we try to hold on to moments, they end as beautifully as they started. The mind is a fickle thing; we tend to forget. Faces fade away. Moments start to blur until you are unable tell whether it happened or not. The minute details count the most but easily fade from memory.

That is why we are forever thankful for the gift of photography. To have the ability to freeze time and once again look pensively into what has transpired. First dances, the blowing of a single candle, the first steps. We look back and remember how wonderful it had been and how fascinating our journey has been thus far.

At Bespoke Foundry, we do not just freeze these moments. We also capture the story behind them so that years from now, you will not only remember the exact time the picture was taken but also recall all the things that led to it. Most definitely, these images will warm your heart.

As professionals of photography in Singapore, we let the pictures do the talking.

Of course, we will not be worthy to be part of your storytelling if we don’t have the right skills, talent, experience and equipment. Instead of boasting about the accolades and awards each of our professional photographers possess, we let the pictures do the talking. What better way to show you what we can do?

Our Services

We enjoy doing all of our projects. But if you ask us our favourite, it must be taking family photos. There’s just something so pure and genuine in witnessing families eternalise their moments together. These are people who love each other unconditionally and it is priceless to witness that kind of love unfold before our eyes. Perhaps we are biased because it creates a special tug in our hearts as we are reminded of our own loved ones.

It goes without saying that we love this job. We love the fact that we are helping families like yours create mementos that will remind you of your happiest moments in the years to come.

We can get crazy about how creative it can be. You want to incorporate your favourite TV shows, movies, or superheroes? We are down for that. Are you more interested in a fluff-free, formal setting? That is great as well. If you do not have ideas yet, we can brainstorm together.





Tell Your Story With A Photograph

Preserve memories that warm the heart

We Let The Pictures Do The Talking.

We Take Pride Not Just In Our Skills In Producing The Best Outcome

Ah, weddings. Everybody loves weddings! This is the event where you need professionals who can work in the shadows. That’s us. You won’t even know we’re there covering this momentous event of your life. By the end of the day, you’ll have photos that are both beautiful and meaningful.

We take pride not just in our skills in producing the best outcome, but also in our focus on listening to what you have to say. This is your wedding day. You have grand ideas on how you want it to be captured. We are there to make it a reality for you.

Aside from our professional’s talent and work ethics, we also bring top-notch and only the best equipment for the job. You and your significant other are worth it all. If you want to know how well we perform, simply take a look at the shoots we have done in the past. Instead of trying to convince you with more words, we let the pictures do the talking.

Our services range from eternalising family moments to covering corporate events. No matter how small or huge the event is, we will be there. Our corporate photography services cover office activities, conventions, conferences, and many other kinds of company events. We know how documentation is important for companies like yours.

Photoshoots? Corporate headshots? Just like any decent professional photographer in Singapore, we can do both formal and creative.

If you’re looking for professionals to provide for your marketing needs, we are photographers trained and skilled to complete the job.



“Garick was the main photographer for my wedding in 2013. He was professional and easy to work with. Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures!”

Jennifer Loke


“I highly recommend Garick to do your wedding photography. You and your partner will not regret it. This is because the happiest moments of your lives together are meant to be captured in the most natural way. He captured our day exactly how we remember it, all the smiles, all the silly faces and all of the tears. We can’t thank Garick enough for how much he put into our day and we are so happy with all of our beautiful photos”

Josephine Yeo


“Trustworthy photographer. He is very candid about his work. He will always give his honest opinion that will help his customers make a better decision. Highly recommended”

Kai Yun Leong

Allow us to be part of your storytelling

Bespoke Foundry is a group of photographers that give value towards storytelling through skillful photography. We care so much more than producing beautiful photos. We strive to freeze the most wonderful moments and memories of your life so that you can cherish them forever. We care less about the likes on social media and more on how you would feel about looking at the photos years and years from now.  

What else do we care about?

Professional Photographer Singapore

Producing captivating images for the last 15 years

Aside from the main core value that we bring along with our services, there are also specifics that are greatly important to us. If there’s anything that the 15 years of service have taught us, it is that the outcome recapitulates the details of the process.

How do we meet your expectations?

You must have had the experience of getting the services of professional photographers like us. The results, however, may not have been on par with what you had expected. This is what we try to avoid. We want to make you happy.

We combine photography techniques with passion and execution to produce something of value to you. Lighting? Our photographers have that covered. Negative spaces? We are definitely the experts for we know how to utilise it. Set an appointment and we’ll talk more about it.

Do we work with everyone?

Yes, we try, as much as we can, to cater to all sorts of customers. No project is too small or too difficult for us. However, it’s important for us to level our expectations before starting with the project. This is for your sake as well as ours. The last thing we want is to leave you dissatisfied at the end of the day. So, before we work together, we encourage you to sit down with us and have a chat. There, you can describe to us exactly how you want the results to be and we can talk about how we will achieve it.

What guarantee can we give you?

It becomes much more difficult to choose a professional photographer for one day events because unlike a photo shoot, once it’s done, that’s it. We understand why you would be worried about this aspect. That’s why we put up samples here in our site so you can take a look at how we perform during such activities. What’s even better is we’ve had clients who are more than willing to tell you about the quality of our work.

Allow us to be part of your storytelling

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