Why Do You Need a Professional Food Photographer?

Why Do You Need a Professional Food Photographer?

Food photography has changed the way we eat. Although the quality of the food remains to be the most significant element, we can ever deny the importance of how it looks, its appeal to the eye, and the amount of preparation poured into its aesthetic value.

It will not be an overstatement to say that it is a huge part of our lives. The food scene in Singapore is one of the drivers of tourism. We know how to cook food, but more importantly, we know how to show it to the world.

There are currently more than 374 million posts uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #food. #foodporn and #foodphotography is at 219 million+ and 49 million+ respectively. This is a considerable number compared to other interests such as #coffee (which has around 121 million posts at the moment) and #books, with around 41 posts to its name at the time of writing this content. We can expect that to keep on growing, perhaps exponentially over the years.

There’s nothing surprising about this data. It’s quite common to see people take photos of their food in restaurants, food stalls, at home, etc. This basically changed the food industry. For example, if you have a restaurant, people rely on your online presence to decide whether or not your place is worth checking out. Didn’t upload photos a lot of photos on your Instagram page? How can they have an idea of what to expect? Don’t have raving reviews? They might jump immediately to the next choice.

This is why you need a professional food photographer in Singapore, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s hard to compete when your rivals have been in the business for quite a long time.

Elements of Good Food Photography

Light and shadow

Before you hire professional services in food photography Singapore, you must know the elements of good food photography.

Light is among the most important elements of producing great photos, and food photography is successfully achieved in utilising the best kind: natural light. Daylight always has the advantage over artificial lighting. It doesn’t create an unnatural colour cast, which can disrupt your image.

Shadow is another thing food photographers go gaga about. They can add depth but sometimes, it’s too much that it overpowers the subject. Skills and experience will help a professional figure out the best thing to do in every situation.



If light and shadow affect exposure, depth, and dimension, colour creates life in the image. More often, they direct the overall identity of the image. Is it vibrant or dull? Does it look elegant or cheap? Is it harmonious or chaotic? At one look, these are the things that might be unconsciously going through your audience’s mind. And with that one glance, they’ve already judged what kind of food you serve or even the kind of business you run.

It sounds scary, but don’t worry. Our professionals exactly know how to bring out the best in each dish so that the Instagram user checking out your page has no choice other than to go to your store as soon as possible.

Background and negative space

Once you look at a well executed photo, your attention will always fall into the main subject. There might be things going on in the background but they’re subtle enough to pave the way to what you came for. When choosing the background, food photographers should always go with what compliments with the colour of the food to emphasise it as much as possible. Plain colours might be great choices but there are instances when it’s better to play with it a little.

Angle and arrangement

There may be known rules out there on how you must photograph food but trust us when we say that our professionals take it to the next level. When it comes to creativity, we are the ones you should call. A balanced, well-organised composition is what we aim to do. But we can also dare to be bold, if necessary.

Chances are, your competitors may already be incorporating food photography in their marketing strategy. They may be using the same principles you’ll be using. They may also be hiring professionals to handle their needs as well. There’s a great chance that you’ll be about the same level at the end of the day in terms of the techniques you use.

One way to give your brand an edge is how well you put your message out there. It’s your story, how are you going to share it to the world? This is what it all boils down too. Luckily for you, we love telling stories through photos. We simply let the pictures speak their truth.

Why Choose Bespoke Foundry

We always tell this to our clients: what we care the most is you being satisfied with your photos at the end of the day. This is, at the minimum, our jobs. Suffice it to say, we are just doing what is expected of us. But unlike most professional photography agencies out there, we actually practice this. If your business improves with the little help we contributed, that is more than enough compensation.

Why should you choose us? We passionate not just in the art of taking photos but also in exalting food. Yes, as beings who depend on it, we worship food. We love exploring every corner of our beautiful country just to eat good food. And yes, we often find it. Through food photography done by our fellow enthusiasts and professionals. We know the role of our profession in your success and we intend to carry this out.

Should you be needing samples (we highly recommend that you check out our previous work!), we’d be more than happy to provide it for you. We hope to work with you. See you soon!