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Our services are catered to everyone who needs it. Whether it’s a simple shoot to commemorate a personal event or a large conference where you need documentation. We’d do it all for you.

Who doesn’t love to witness a beautiful family moment? Capturing smiles and seeing all the love unfold between our clients is one of the things that make this profession worth it. We do family photoshoots as well as maternity and baby photography.

Bespoke‌ ‌Foundry‌ ‌-Photography‌ ‌Services‌ ‌Singapore‌

Why would you choose us to take your family photos? When it comes to choosing the professional photographer to trust, we can talk about the skills honed over the years or the awards that recognise their talent. But it all really boils down to one thing: do they care enough to make sure that you get what you want?


Our main focus in this industry is to listen to you. It’s what you want that matters. It’s not enough that we produce beautiful photos at the end of the day. We also want to create something of meaning. 


For us, family photos should apply the fundamentals of photography, but it should also, above all, show genuineness.

Who else to trust to shoot your most special day other than professionals who know what they’re doing? We cover pre-wedding and actual day photoshoots.


What makes wedding photos unique is the amount of love and creativity poured into them. Do you want to shoot overseas? Allow us to make your dream come true. No idea is too crazy for us. 


Forget about awkward pre-wedding photos you see online. That won’t happen to you. Perfect timing is also among the important aspects of taking wedding photos. We can’t let moments that happen only once uncaptured.

Bespoke‌ ‌Foundry‌ ‌-photography‌ ‌services‌ ‌Singapore‌

Commercial ventures. Fashion. Exhibits. Interior photography. Conferences. Launches. Government activities. Gala dinners. Sports events. Overseas business trips. Company parties. Music festivals. These are among the events we cover under corporate photography. But that’s not all. Whatever you need for your business, we can provide.

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There are two things about corporate photography that we can’t find in other types of photos mentioned in this site: sheer professionalism and message to convey to a specific audience. As photographers who have worked with all kinds of businesses and organisations, these are something we instil into our work process. We show up on time to appointments, we deliver what’s expected of us and more, and most importantly, we respect everyone we make dealings with.


Why Bespoke Foundry?

We don’t only focus on acquiring new skills or improving what we already know. We also put heart into what we do. We love capturing smiles as well as genuine, candid moments. Through our lens, you’ll see a much different but equally beautiful side to the things, moments, and people you’ve grown used to. And through our lens, you’ll see a side of yourself you wouldn’t have otherwise witnessed. This is all about looking at things in a different light. And it would be an honour if you choose to work with us.

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